Online Lessons & Playing Lessons

Online Lessons & Playing Lessons

Online (Golf Video) Lessons Using V1

With more than 10,000 coaches and 3 million athletes, V1 Sports has become the preferred video analysis and online coaching platform for the most respected coaches, instructors, athletes, and training facilities around the world. Butch Harmon and David Leadbetter are amongst many of the top Instructors throughout the world who use V1.

3,700,000+ Online Lessons Delivered With V1!

I can analyze everything from your putting, chipping, and bunker shots to your full swing (irons, hybrids, fairway metals, and the driver).
It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Pay for the lesson package you want below.
2) Using your phone, have someone take a video with your club of choice from “Face-On” and from “Down-The-Line” (see below instructions).
3) Send your videos to me via email and I will analyze them with voice over instructions and drawing tools as your swing is happening, advising you on what you need to work on to get better. You will always have these videos to refer to when going out to practice or playing a round with your golf buddies.

The 4 Fundamentals

  • Grip
  • Alignment
  • Posture (weight distribution)
  • Stance
    • Ball Alignment


  • Ball Position
  • Mid-irons
  • Long-irons
  • Hybrids
  • Fairway Woods
  • Driver

Slope Shots

  • Downhill
  • Uphill
  • Right to Left
  • Left to Right


  • Tee Shot with Driver
  • Drawing the Ball
  • Fading the Ball
  • Playing From the Rough

This can also be taught and or reinforced during a playing lesson.


I can make recommendations that are clear for you to see and easy for you to understand!

Improve your Golf game through my “remote online coaching” using V1 software!

One-on-One online lessons start at $129 per personalized lesson. This is a detailed swing analysis.

1 Video Lesson Includes:

  • Review of up to 2 video captures of your swing. Down-The-Line and Face-On analysis of swing using V1’s analyzer tool.
    • Voice-over analysis with drawing tools for easier understanding.
    • Identification of your most significant swing faults.
    • Corrective techniques specific to your development.

All you have to do is:

  • Videotape your swing (or have someone videotape you) with your phone from “Face-On” and Down-The-Line” as shown in the picture above.
  • Adjust the camera so that it is at waist level, and then point it directly down the line, making sure it is far enough away to view the entire golf swing.
  • Continue videotaping until the swing is completely finished.

After you take your videos, you’ll email them to me at abrown@RollinTheHole.com at which point I will analyze your swing and make the necessary recommendations for your Golf game improvement!

Alan’s Technical Golf Instruction Service Offerings are below. Choose the “Golf Game Improvement” investment option that is best for you.

  1. One Online Video Lesson – 2 videos (down-the-Line and Face-On) with one club. Your Investment – $129 

2. Two Online Video Lessons – 4 videos (down-the-Line and Face-On) with two clubs. Your Investment – $219 (save 15%)

3. Three Online Video Lessons – 6 videos (down-the-Line and Face-On) with three clubs. Your Investment – $299 (save over 20%)

Playing Lessons

Each playing lesson is personalized based on the Golfer’s level of experience and particular needs.

With new Golfers, we start from the beginning.

Basic introduction to rules, etiquette, and terminology.

  • Scorecard Review
  • Par 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s.
  • Par, birdie, eagle, double eagle, hole-in-one, bogey, double bogie, triple bogey, quadruple bogie
  • Course Layout Booklet Review
  • Driving, fairway woods, long irons, short irons, chipping, pitching, and putting.
  • Mark your Golf ball for identification purposes prior to playing off the first tee
  • Always be quiet when another Golfer is getting ready to swing
  • Never perform a practice swing at other Golfers

With experienced Golfers, we cater to their specific needs.

A playing lesson is a wonderful option to learn how to score better on the golf course. During a playing lesson, I focus on areas such as your mental approach to the game, pre-shot routine, shot selection, club selection, reading greens, uneven lies, and trouble shots.

When I have a playing lesson with one of my students, I will keep track of their stats on each hole.  The stats include:

  • Fairways hit
  • Greens in regulation (GIR)
  • Putts
  • Up and downs
  • Sand Saves
  • Penalties
  • Score

I want to know if on each hole they miss the fairway, whether there is a pattern to where they miss?  If they miss the green, did they short side themselves, making it more difficult to get up and down?  Are they three putting because the proximity to the hole isn’t close when they do hit the green?

All these categories are vitally important when understanding a player’s weaknesses and strengths.  It makes it easier to evaluate where they need to work on their game to improve. 

I like to point out to a player all the things to consider before they hit a shot.

  • What is their lie of the ball, is it sitting down in the rough or sitting up?  The ball will come out two different ways based on those two lies.  Is it a flat lie, or an uneven lie? 
  • What is the wind direction and how will it affect the shot? 
  • What is the yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green? 
  • What is the yardage to the flag? 
  • What are the hazards to be aware of when they play their shot?
  • Commitment to the chosen club?
  • Mental thoughts?

From this information, my student starts to develop a game plan on how to play certain holes on a golf course that they play day in day out. 

For a player who really wants to improve, having an on-course playing lesson is vital to helping that student get better.

Playing Lesson Investment – $250 for 9 holes plus the cost of the green fees and cart for two unless it is at Vineyards National in New Jersey or Plantation Golf Club in Leesburg, Florida.

If you have a question, please e-mail me at abrown@RollintheHole.com.

Playing golf is fun when your skills are improving, your expectations are within reason, and your scores are in line with your goals.

Whether you Golf for recreational purposes, socializing strategies, physical fitness benefits, the need to compete, or you just enjoy nature, the better you Golf, the more you’ll enjoy it. 

Alan’s teaching philosophy is based on each individual’s goals, practice time allotment, and physical condition, and he customizes lessons and drills based on these parameters.


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