About Alan

About Alan

Alan has been a Golf Teaching Professional since 2002 and has taught hundreds of students the great game of golf.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, for 26 years of his life, Alan spent all of his childhood playing sports like basketball, baseball, and football.

After many sports-related injuries, the day came when he knew that he had to learn how to play Golf if he wanted to continue staying active in sports.

In 1986, he decided to move to New Jersey (where there are many more Golf courses), and he now resides in Hamilton Township, NJ (in the Spring and Summer), and Orlando, FL (in the Fall and Winter). 

Sixteen years after moving to New Jersey, he decided to become a Golf Teaching Professional, and as they say, “the rest is history.”

What Alan loves most about Golf is the similarity that it has to life. He says, “whether you are on the golf course or taking care of your daily life responsibilities, there will always be challenges, however, with the right attitude, you can overcome them all and succeed at achieving your goal.” 

In addition to having his own Indoor Golf Studio in the past, Alan has taught at the following Golf Driving Ranges and Golf Courses where they’ve given him access to their facilities:

Golf Ranges

Hole in One Golf Range

Monmouth County, NJ

Olde Masters Golf Range

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Orlando, FL – Residential Community – 55 and older – Golf Simulator

Golf Courses

Vineyards at Renault Golf Club

• Vineyards at Renault Golf Club

Blue Heron Pines Golf Club

Cologne, NJ

Pomona Golf and Country Club

Egg Harbor City, NJ

Mission Inn Golf and Resort

Howey in the Hills, FL

Prior to any student beginning their lessons, a personal “Zoom” interview is conducted to understand the student’s needs and goals pertaining to their golf game. This interview will provide me with information about my student’s:

  • Golf Game and Practice Time
  • Mental Thoughts, and
  • Physical Fitness Routine


After the interview, a plan of action using “online” video analysis and/or a playing lesson will be discussed to help the student achieve their goals.

Playing golf is fun when your skills are improving, your expectations are within reason, and your scores are in line with your goals.

Why should you choose me as your Golf Coach?

I’ve been teaching Golf since 2002.

Total Commitment, Dedication, Professionalism, World Class Customer Service, and Results are the success foundations I’ve conditioned myself to live by (with the personal touch), and this is what you can expect from me.

Our no-obligation personal “Zoom” interview and discussion of your needs, goals, and practice time-allotment should allow you to gain the confidence that you need to select me as your “Golf Coach,” and I look forward to you becoming a satisfied student of “Roll in the Hole” Golf Instruction.

Student Testimonials


I just wanted to give you a little feedback on my first lesson yesterday.  I thought it was a great lesson, and feel pretty comfortable about learning the basics, which I always feel is the most important thing.  I look forward to my next lesson.

Paul Pelligrini


Hi Alan, Just got off Charleston Spring North.  I played with one of my better playing buddies (who I have beaten only once in my life) and two of his friends.  These guys usually squash me by at least 6 or 7 strokes, however that is not the case anymore.  I hit a 41 in the front and a 42 in the back for an 83!!!  The nearest score was an 89 and those guys took at least one mulligan each; I took none.  I used my driver on all non-par 3 holes.  I did not use the 3 wood Orlimar at all due to that closed clubface.  They all questioned me how did I improve since the last time they had seen me play so I gave them all your web site and told them about the video and how video does not lie.  To say the least, they were quite impressed with my golf game noting that I had honors on every t box except maybe 2 or 3.  So yes Alan, I am truly flirting with those numbers you guys call the SEVENTIES!!!!   To break 80, if I do it this season would be a credit to your coaching.  I’ll keep you posted.



I’m writing to tell you my feelings about Mr. Brown’s teachings. He gives 110 % with all his students not just teaching but listening to their needs. I have a bad back and he showed me various stretches and warm up exercises to help me adapt to my game better. I can’t say enough about his skills both on and off the golf course. I believe he is the best and recommend him to anyone.


Joe Gurrieri



Thank you for the most informative lesson I ever had. 

I did play the other day and after a few holes, I did show some improvement. I pared three holes (all par threes), with some great hits. I still have some problems hitting to the left. I’m sure they will be corrected. I look forward to seeing you Wednesday.              

Many thanks, Nick


Hi Alan,

Well I went to the driving range twice practicing what we discussed at your place.  I found that standing closer and not reaching for the ball I was hitting quite a few off the heel.  But my primary focus was the neutral grip and not opening my arms on the back swing.  I did play Howell Park on Sunday.  I was very selective on when to use the driver and when to stay with the 3 wood.  I used the driver 8 times and the 3 wood 6 times.  I did hit one off the heel which led to a 6 on a par 4, but other than that hole, I had I believe 7 pars, one birdie, and the rest bogies.  Number of slices…….ZERO    Number of punch outs………..ZERO   number of lost balls…….ZERO (and I have lost balls at this course quite often)  Final result ending with an 83;  the low score of the foursome; of which two of them routinely give me 4 or 5 strokes per round, and yes……they did pay up on the nassau!!  I don’t want to get too elated for as you well know, its consistency that makes all the difference.  I’ll keep you posted on my future scores.  Looking forward to your detailed comments and tips on my video analysis.  Thanks for your coaching.  I definitely feel more comfortable over the ball.  Talk to you soon.




Just wanted to follow up with you regarding the instruction that you
gave me. I was in Myrtle for 8 and 1/2 days and we played 17 rounds of
golf. After a couple of days of modest improvement and a day of regression
things really started to click and I began to hit the ball well. We played
real good courses and my score tumbled from the 108-112 range all the way
down to 92 on a good tough course called Tiger’s Eye. Thanks for your help!

Hank Hartmann



An item for your resume (web site): at today’s Cumberland County College Invitational tournament at the Sand Barrens, Betty won the longest drive — and an Associate Membership at the Sand Barrens.  Many thanks from Betty.

Jack …. (and Betty)


My Friend,  

I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing to help me out ..

You are a classy individual and what you are doing to help me learn this great game is tremendously appreciated – I mean it….

Your patience, understanding, generosity and willingness to help is wonderful!!!  

I now know why this game is and always was so great – It’s folks like you.

Thanks again partner,

Your Friend, Ralph

For you protection we maintain a “USGTF member liability insurance policy.”


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